Professional Development/Post Secondary

PEARLS Teacher

PEARLS Teacher is intended as a professional development tool for teachers in training and those already working in the field.  It is here where children, teens and adults living with genetic, physical, intellectual and behavioral differences are invited to teach educators about life from their unique perspective.  But PEARLS Teacher also invites family members (parents/guardians, grandparents, siblings) to likewise blog about life from their perspective, providing invaluable insight about educational practices, school environments as well as social/academic issues and challenges faced in the education of youth living with difference today. Blogs are at times topical in nature, posed to the entire group of PEARLS Ambassadors, thus paving the way for a multiple of perspectives on the subject at hand. This is a place where the voices of those impacted by disability will be heard, allowing educators to ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions, become increasingly privy to some of the problems faced by their school of which they might be completely unaware, and consider educational practices and models, which embrace all students, regardless of difference.  In an era of educational reform, PEARLS Teacher aims to empower educators to consider their school communities with a more informed perspective brought about the by the very people who inspire this new-found knowledge – those who live it each and every day.


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