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Mem Nahadr

Mem Nahadr (pronounced mem na-HAHD), also known as M. Nahadr and simply “M”, is an American performance artist and multi-octave vocalist best known for the performance of the song “Butterfly”, composed by Yoko Kanno and lyricized by Chris Mosdell for Cowboy Bebop. She is also an author, composer, poet, filmmaker, and human rights activist.


OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO From the Opera: “FEMME FRACTALE”, by critically acclaimed Performance Artist MEM NAHADR. “Passage” Co-written by C.J.Wright.
Directed by: Victor Moore (Showset Productions).
Mastered by James P. Nichols
Creative Direction: Claude E. Sloan, Jr. Costuming: JustRaymona™
FILMED AT:: Manhattan Center Studios, New York.
POSITIVE EXPOSURE Grand Opening Performance:

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