4 February

The Belgian Society of Human Genetics Conference:

Leuven, 4-5 February 2016 

Conference Link

Exhibition, Lecture and Community based photography.

The Belgian Society of Human Genetics was launched in March 2000. The aim of the Society is to allow all scientists involved in the field of human genetics, working in all Belgian universities, and all independent research institutes or genetic centers in Belgium to have an official representative Society in Belgium. The BeSHG is aimed at promoting Human Genetics in its wider sense, a.o. by supporting genetic research, improving exchanges between Belgium and foreign countries, organising scientific meetings, and enhancing collaboration between Belgian labs. The BeSHG will represent the community of Belgian geneticists towards the other national and international Societies of Genetics, and is intended to become a discussion forum on scientific, professional, social and ethical issues linked to the practice of human genetics.


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