April 2

University of Wisconsin Madison

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
330 North Orchard St.
Madison, WI 53715

5pm – keynote address
6pm – reception

Host organizations:
Morgridge Institute for Research
University of Wisconsin Genetics Counseling Department
University of Wisconsin Art Department
Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association

The purpose of Rick’s visit will be multi-fold. Primarily Positive Exposure epitomizes the
constructive things that can happen when art and science/medicine intersect. One of
the main goals of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is to foster collaboration between
the arts and sciences. Participants coming from more of a science/medical background
are excited about the humanizing, empowering aspects of Rick’s work and would like to
know more about how art and medicine might constructively interact in other ways.
Those attending from more of an art background are interested in learning about his
creative process and the nuances of working in medically-relevant portraiture. Rick’s
visit, including both a keynote address and a workshop, will help to bring physicians,
students, and the community, all from varied backgrounds, together to achieve a
dialogue that will result in long-lasting collaborations.

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