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Virtual Hand Sewing Workshop with Sugandha Gupta

Virtual Hand Sewing Workshop: FREE

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Time: 12-1pm EST

Venue: Online via Zoom

No. of Participants 10-15


Have you ever wanted to explore hand stitching and felt nervous picking up that needle? Did you ever wonder if you could explore stitching in a non-traditional way? This is an introductory workshop on hand sewing in which we will just learn one or two stitches and explore the endless possibilities they can offer.  Working with needles and threads can seem hard or out of reach but together we can make it easy and within reach.

Join me for this workshop to explore non-traditional ways of exploring stitching to create something interesting or simply engage with your hands and connect with our beautiful and rich community.

Supplies you will need:

1.fabric scissors

2. Fabric cut into a rectangle or square at least 8 X 8in. The fabric can be a thicker type like canvas or eco felt for ease of use.

3.Embroidery thread, crochet threat, ribbons

4. Crewel needle or embroidery needle with a large eye

5.Needle threader(optional)

6.Pencil or fabric marker

7.Embroidery hoop

Links for buying supplies

Embroidery needles



If you want to use a sewing needle which is already available at home, you can use a needle threader to thread a finer needle if you are also visually impaired like me and, don;t want to purchase a new needle.

Fabric-you can buy half a yard or quilting fabric already cut



Note: you can also use an old T-shirt or bedsheet

Embroidery thread


Needle threader



Note: You can use any wool yarn cone or ball you may have at home. Just make sure it can pass through your needle.

Sugandha Gupta

Textile Artist/ Maker/ Designer/ Disability Advocate/ Educator

W: https://sugandhainhere.wixsite.com/website

I: https://www.instagram.com/sugandha.in.here/

Image Description: Portrait of young woman with pale skin and light blond/white hair with nose ring and red lipstick, smiling into the camera. She is wrapped in light beige and almost white textiles around her neck and shoulders.

POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects August 26

We are BEYOND excited to have a conversation with internationally-renowned artist, David Marchi, tomorrow on #FacebookLIVE at 2:00 PM EST!!!!!

David’s passion for painting was the direct result of a broken back from a boating accident in 2015.

Prior to this, David never painted.

In 2019, he was diagnosed by Dr. Darold Treffert with Acquired Savant Syndrome. This is where dormant savant skills emerge after a spinal or brain injury or disease in previously non-disabled persons.

Today, David’s life is his painting.

He is currently studying under Larry Poons and Peter Bonner at the Art Students League in New York City and

has traveled to Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Sao Paulo and London to paint with other artists.

His work is collected world-wide and is currently being critiqued by Pulitzer prize and New York Magazine art critic, Jerry Saltz.

Through his art, he supports Positive Exposure, The Human Rights Campaign, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

IMAGE: Black background with with lettering. POSITIVE EXPOSURE logo reading “Change How You See, See How You Change” in upper left corner. POSITIVE EXPOSURE Conencts, August 26, Facebook LIVE with Rick Guidotti, #BetterTogether in upper right corner. Wednesday – A Conversation with David Marchi an Internationally-renowned Artist, Acquired Savant Syndrome, Post-traumatic Growth, Mental Health Advocate, 2:00 PM EST. Three square images are at the bottom (from left to right) An abstract painting in greens and blues. A man standing in from of a painting wearing a baseball cap and white shirt. His arms are folded, and he is looking into the camera and smiling. An abstract painting with reds, greens, yellow and blues.

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September 24TH, 2O2O, at 7:OO PM EST

POSITIVE EXPOSURE’s Virtual Gala will take place on September 24, 2O2O, at 7PM EST. We are so excited! Make your plans now to join us and a lot of our great friends from around the globe!

We’ll be honoring Judith Heumann with the POSITIVE EXPOSURE “Spirit of Change” Award, and there will be some other incredible surprises! It will be an AMAZING evening!!!!!

Be sure we have your email so you can receive invites and reminders! To send us your information, click on the LINK: positiveexposure.org/connect-with-us/

Special thanks to our sponsors — Netflix, Travelers Insurance, Third Eye Motion Picture Company, Vacant Light and Betsy Myers – Myers Leadership

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IMAGE: Black background with white and gold lettering. Five pictures of our friends looking in the camera and smiling with the words Change How You See written on each picture. Wording: Save the Date. Virtual Gala. 7PM EST September 24th, 2O2O. Gala Chair – Beth Edwards Harris, Honoree – Judith Heumann, international disability rights activist, author of BEING HEUMANN, featured in Netflix film CRIP CAMP. We need your email – To receive an invite and participate in our event, we need your email. Click to connect with us. For registration, sponsorship, or other information, please contact Lisa Johnson, Director of Development at Positive Exposure, 914.420.6283, lisa@positiveexposure.org. Sponsored by Netflix, Travelers Insurance, Third Eye Motion Picture Company, Vacant Light, Myers Leadership. Positive Exposure 2O2O Gala.