Positive Exposure Events

November 2021

October 8

The AADMD leadership summit: Dallas TX

American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry


December 5

About The Consortium


Organized in 2007, The Consortium provides means by which professionals and key stakeholders involved in arts education for students with disabilities in New York can share perspectives, determine needs, develop ways to meet them, deepen practice and understanding. Our purpose is to bring together constituencies that historically have not had sufficient opportunity to interact with one another, to engage them in meaningful conversation and exploration in order to ascertain barriers to and opportunities for providing quality arts education to special education students. That is, to build capacity, understanding and value, and do so as a whole – School/Arts/Home – community.

December 5th and 6th
The Consortium Conference
A Virtual Event

Connecting & Re-Connecting
Our Students, Their Families, Our Partners, Ourselves



November 30

POSITIVE EXPOSURE Presentation: 5 pm EST

The Pulse of Art:

Course Overview Course Description The Pulse of Art: Connections Between the History of Art and the History of Medicine is a unique, full-semester course that harnesses the power of significant works of art to increase the observation skills and empathic responses of medical students, physicians, and health-care providers. By organizing the course into thematic topics ranging from plague and ebola to portraiture and prosopagnosia, and recognizing historic contexts for the art and science discussed, students also gain an awareness and understanding of the trajectory of medical understanding and discovery.

November 30

About Greater New York Dental Meeting:

Welcome to the 97th Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting! We invite you to participate in one of the largest Dental Congresses in the world. At our 2019 Meeting, we hosted over 52,000 health care professionals at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center featuring over 1,600 Technical Exhibits which demonstrated the newest technology for the dental profession.

Positive Exposure presentation.

(Image description: Graphic of the head of the Statue of Liberty in white, royal blue, Navy and purple with bold lettering Greater NY Dental Meeting 2021)