Positive Exposure Events

February 2021

February 28


Let’s Celebrate RARE together with POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, Rick and friends from around the Globe.. Cant wait to see you Sunday @ 12pm EST on #FacebookLive

Image description: A silhouette of a human figure with arms raised surrounded by colorful fingers splayed wide like sunbeams.
Image Description: Zoom screen shot featuring computer screens of 10 friends from Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden and US.. + Rick
Image Description: Zoom screen shot featuring computer screens of 10 friends from Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden and US making the RARE logo with splayed fingers + Rick with photographing.

February 25

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Black background with words reading “POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, Facebook LIVE with Rick Guidotti” on the left side. A picture of a woman is below. She has shoulder length brown hair and is smiling while looking into the camera. On the right is a white background with words reading “Understanding Audio Description Narrative, 3:OO PM EST, February 25TH, Facebook LIVE, POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects talks with Michele Spitz, womanofherword.com, Michele delivers the specilized VoiceOver style required for audio and video descriptions. This service makes media and images accessible to those with visual impairments and helps create a world of inclusion and equity.” An image on the lower right shows a pair of white headphones with a iPhone between the earphones. The iPhone projects an image of a man and woman both with dark hair in a tight embrace. The letters AD are at the top of iPhone. 

February 22

CORNELL Pre-Med Students

Virtual Presentation: 5:30 pm EST

February 10

Positive Exposure presentation to General Student body +Health Care Providers in Training

2pm -4pm VIRTUAL

February 4

POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects with Xian Horn and Friends.

Thursday, February 4th @ 12 PM EST

We can’t wait for our conversation with the beautiful and vivacious

Xian Horn and friends this week!!!! It will surround a timely discussion about disability and representation in the mainstream beauty industry. Looking forward to “seeing” all of our friends later this week!
IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Black, blue and white background. Wording reads “POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, Is the Beauty Industry Glossing Over Disability?” Picture of a young woman looking into the camera and smiling. She is holding two ski poles. Other picture is an image of art of a black woman surrounded by flowers, makeup brush sitting in a wheelchair.

Link to Allure Magazine Article