Positive Exposure Events

March 2021

March 24

MS Genetic Counseling Program: FRAME Workshop

Boston University campus

About The BU Genetic Counseling Program: 

The BU Genetic Counseling Program is committed to providing high-quality training through dynamic coursework, dedicated mentoring, diverse fieldwork and innovative learning experiences to develop motivated genetic counselors to meet the needs of an expanding landscape in genetics and genomics. The primary objective of the Master of Science Degree Program in Genetic Counseling is to educate graduate students in the core concepts of human genetics and counseling. Our focus is to provide students with the appropriate knowledge, experience and mentoring to become competent, sensitive and motivated genetic counselors. This is accomplished through a variety of educational experiences including coursework, clinical training, research project preparation and supplementary activities such as case conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs and seminars.

March 22

PREMIERE Costello in FRAME Film Virtual Production

March 22 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Danielle & Katie Slawitschek for making this happen. OUR AMAZING COSTELLO FAMILIES

Medical Advisor: Karen W. Gripp, MD

Medical students:
Mary Sun: Yale School of Medicine
Silpa Tadavarthy: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
Alejandro Vega: SUNY Downstate

Image Description: FRAME Logo FRAME in capital letters, the A is much thinner that the other bold letters. Underneath it reads: Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education

March 21


Sunday, 21 March at 3:OO PM EST


March 21 is #WorldDownsyndromeDay! To celebrate we’ll be having a great conversation with GiGi’s Playhouse NYC and people who are living with Down syndrome. We hope you can hang out with us for a little while on Sunday afternoon! Can’t wait to see everyone!!!!!

#PositiveExposure #BetterTogether #ChangeHowYouSee #SeeHowYouChange #FacebookLIVE #WDSD #WDSD2021 #CrazySocks #GiGisPlayhouse

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Background of black on left side and white on the right. Wording on the left is in white font and reads POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, Facebook Live with Rick Guidotti, 3:00 PM EST Sunday 21 March. In the middle is a vertical row of four images. All are smiling and looking in the camera. They are different ages and races. On the right is white and black font and reads Celebrating World Down syndrome Awareness Day, POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects will host a conversation with GiGi’s Playhouse and others who are living with Down syndrome. A logo for GiGi’s Playhouse in at the bottom middle with bright colors.

March 17


March is #BrainInjuryAwareness month. On Wednesday, 17 March at 2:OO PM EST, Rick will be having a roundtable discussion on #FacebookLIVE with five people who have experienced brain injury along with the challenges, stigmas and resilience. Please join us!

#PositiveExposure #BetterTogether#ChangeHowYouSee #SeeHowYouChange#BrainInjury

Brain Injury Association of America

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Black, white and blue background. On the left side wording reads, “POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, Facebook LIVE with Rick Guidotti, 2:00 PM EST Wednesday 17 March, Facebook LIVE, #BetterTogether. On the right there are six square images of people who are all ages and races who are looking into the camera and smiling. Wording at the top reads, “Brain Injury Awareness.” A round green and blue logo for MORE THAN MY BRAIN INJURY is at the bottom.

March 18


Virtual Positive Exposure Presentation: 10 – 10:35  EST

“Cochrane summarizes the findings so people making important decisions – you, your doctor, the people who write medical guidelines – can use unbiased information to make difficult choices without having to first read every study out there…”
Sifting the evidence, The Guardian, 14 September 2016

Cochrane produces systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and policy.

Image description: Cochrane logo, 2 dark blue half circled separated blue vertical line and horizontal dashes with the words Cochrane Skin: Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health.

Bottom image: Dark clue background with head and shoulder silhouettes connected by thin white lines. Words read: Cochrane Skin Annual Meeting. Free Registration Click Here to register

March 4

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Virtual Lecture: 3-4pm

For more than a century, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) has trained highly competent, caring physicians, health practitioners and behavioral scientists who practice a “whole person” approach—treating people, not just symptoms.

March 3


Uniformed Services University’s Mission:

The mission of USU is to support the readiness of America’s Warfighter and the health and well-being of the military community by educating and developing uniformed health professionals, scientists and leaders; by conducting cutting-edge, military-relevant research, and by providing operational support to units around the world.