February 26

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Join Einstein’s AADMD Student Chapter for a film viewing at the Positive Exposure gallery in NYC!

In celebration of Rare Disease Day, the Einstein AADMD chapter will be collaborating with Rick Guidotti and Positive Exposure to hold screenings of multiple educational and beautiful short films, including the award-winning documentary short “Holding Moses: Motherhood in the face of disability”.

There will be time for a Q&A discussion with advocates and families living with rare diseases.

There will also be time to explore the Positive Exposure Gallery, which will be featuring the exhibit- Neurofibromatosis: The People, paintings by Rachel Mindrup!!

LUNCH will be provided at the event!


**Check out some clips from Positive Exposure’s FRAME (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) films to get a preview of some films: FRAME ***

Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions/concerns!


Join Einstein’s AADMD Student Chapter Sunday February 26th 11-2pm.

9 square blocks 3 across and 3 down featuring 4 images at each corner. Portraits. Canter CHANGE HOW YOU SEE,  SEE HOW YOU CHANGE

Explore the Positive Exposure Gallery

View screenings of short films, including Holding Moses

Meet Advocates with Rare Diseases!

Enjoy lunch with fellow medical professionals.

Rare Disease Day Film Screening with Positive Exposure

POSITIVE EXPOSURE promotes a more inclusive world through award-winning photography, films, exhibitions, lectures and educational programs.

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14 E 109th St 14 East 109th Street New York, NY 10029

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  • 3 hours
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In celebration of Rare Disease Day, the Einstein AADMD Student Chapter will be collaborating with Rick Guidotti and Positive Exposure to hold screenings of multiple educational and beautiful short films, including ‘Holding Moses: Motherhood in the face of disability’.

There will be time for a Q&A discussion with advocates and families living with rare diseases. In addition you will have the opportunity to explore the Positive Exposure Gallery, which will be featuring the exhibit: “Neurofibromatosis: The People”, paintings by Rachel Mindrup.

Check out some clips from Positive Exposure’s FRAME (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) films: FRAME

***We are currently only scheduled for one screening of the films from 11am-2pm on Sunday February 26th; however, if there is enough interest we will be able to add additional viewing times! So, please sign up for the waitlist if we have already sold out the original number of tickets!!***


January 14

ID: On a pale yellow square background are three photographs of paintings. At left is a close-up portrait of a person with medium-tan skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair, with a reddish mark on the chin, looking down at the viewer. In the middle is a person with medium-brown skin, short brown hair, a curly brown beard, and dark red lips wearing glasses and smiling with eyes closed. At right is a person with long, wavy blonde hair, eyes looking into the distance, reddish-brown marks on the face, wearing a blue hat. Around these images, the text reads: “Positive exposure presents vascular birthmark portrait show, portraits of beautiful vascular birthmarks on gorgeous faces and bodies. By Celina Leroy. Raising awareness and reducing stigma. Gallery opening Saturday, January 14, 2 to 4pm.14 E 109th St, New York, NY.

December 3 – 12

True Colors Film Festival featuring ON BEAUTY!

Image Description: Logo True Colors Film Festival 3-12 December, Perspectives. Below logo s an image back shot of Photographer photographing young woman against a blue and white backdrop looking into the camera. Bottom left: TRUE COLORS FESTIVAL in multicolored blocks, with the words 1 world 1 family. Bottom Right ON BEAUTY directed by Joanna Rudnick.

Yellow Background with TRUE COLORS FILM FESTIVAL 3-12 December 2021 Perspectives on left. n right is a collage of 7 images of excerpts from the featured films.

Official On Beauty Trailer.

True Colors Film Festival Trailer

Website Link

Check out this conversation:




February 4

POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects with Xian Horn and Friends.

Thursday, February 4th @ 12 PM EST

We can’t wait for our conversation with the beautiful and vivacious

Xian Horn and friends this week!!!! It will surround a timely discussion about disability and representation in the mainstream beauty industry. Looking forward to “seeing” all of our friends later this week!
IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Black, blue and white background. Wording reads “POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, Is the Beauty Industry Glossing Over Disability?” Picture of a young woman looking into the camera and smiling. She is holding two ski poles. Other picture is an image of art of a black woman surrounded by flowers, makeup brush sitting in a wheelchair.

Link to Allure Magazine Article



January 28

Thursday, January 28 @ 12 pm EST
Celebrating Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month!! http://marfan.org
Join POSITIVE EXPOSURE and the Amazing Marfan Syndrome
Image description:
1) Black and red background with white font that reads “POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, 28 January, Celebrating Marfan syndrome Awareness Month. Five images at the bottom with people looking into the camera and smiling. (2) Matrix of 25 square images. All individuals are looking at the camera and laughing or smiling.

January 23

Saturday, January 23 @ 12 pm EST
Celebrating Moebius Syndrome Awareness Month!!
Join POSITIVE EXPOSURE and the Amazing Moebius Syndrome Foundation Team!
Image description: A matrix of 25 portraits 5 by 5 square of friends from our Moebius syndrome community!

March 18


The Group aims to accept for review any aspect of skin disease management which it feels will be of value to professionals or to lay people with an interest in skin disease. It will thus accept all randomized controlled trials of interventions relevant to the prevention of skin disease, the treatment and management of established skin disease, and the prevention of complications of skin diseases. This includes alternative/complementary treatments.

About Conference


February 10

MS Genetic Counseling Program:

POSITIVE EXPOSURE Presentation + launch of PEARLS ambassadors initiative

Boston University campus

Mission Statement and Objective

The BU Genetic Counseling Program is committed to providing high-quality training through dynamic coursework, dedicated mentoring, diverse fieldwork and innovative learning experiences to develop motivated genetic counselors to meet the needs of an expanding landscape in genetics and genomics. The primary objective of the Master of Science Degree Program in Genetic Counseling is to educate graduate students in the core concepts of human genetics and counseling. Our focus is to provide students with the appropriate knowledge, experience and mentoring to become competent, sensitive and motivated genetic counselors. This is accomplished through a variety of educational experiences including coursework, clinical training, research project preparation and supplementary activities such as case conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs and seminars.

November 4

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine: 3 Day Student Elective


October 7, 2020

October 21, 2020

November 4, 2020

Department of Medical Humanities


Positive Exposure (PE) and its film program, FRAME (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) weaves critical medical information, with personal and lived experiences, for healthcare professionals in training, clinicians, families and communities. Each film, 8-12 minutes in length, provides a greater understanding of the most commonly seen diagnoses by demonstrating hallmark characteristics of a particular condition, while modeling an attitude of respect for the humanity of the patients.  

 This elective will provide students with the opportunity to participate in the creation of a Positive Exposure FRAME (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) film. In Phase 1, Students will explore partnerships with specialists and advocacy organizations, the research process, prompt development and interview techniques. In Phase 2, students will participate in a virtual forum that will enable students to ask questions of specialists and an advocacy group, as well as interview individuals and families living with a particular genetic condition. In Phase 3, students will examine transcripts and a rough film edit of virtual interviews, and discuss the pertinent details to be included in the final film.

October 31


This will be an amazing and lively conversation with our friends from

A Children’s House for the Soul, Inc.
on #FacebookLIVE this Saturday, October 31 at 11:OO AM EST. A Children’s House for the Soul works with kids and their families that have skin diseases or birthmarks and by providing social, emotional and spiritual support.
Can’t wait to “see” everyone on Saturday!!!!!
IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Square photo with black background. POSITIVE EXPOSURE in the upper left corner. Wording reads POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, October 31. A Children’s House for the Soul, 11:OO AM EST. Three square images are at the bottom — from left to right: A young African American boy wearing an orange shirt, logo for A Children’s House for the Soul, a young girl is smiling and looking into the camera. She is wearing a blue tank top.



October 29

PDF: Oct-29-2020-Grand-Rounds-Rick-Guidotti

University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine


GRAND ROUNDS Thursday, Oct 29th, 2020 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Rick Guidotti


Seeing Beyond Diagnosis

Rick Guidotti, an award winning photographer, has spent the past twenty years collaborating internationally with non profit organizations, hospitals, medical schools, educational institutions, advocacy groups and communities to promote a more inclusive and compassionate world where ALL differences are understood and celebrated. Guidotti’s work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and journals as diverse as Elle, GQ, People, the American Journal of Medical Genetics, The Lancet, Spirituality and Health, the Washington Post, New York Times, Atlantic Monthly and LIFE Magazine. Rick is the founder and director of POSTIVE EXPOSURE, an innovative arts, advocacy, and education organization which utilizes the visual arts to celebrate human diversity, inclusive of ethnicity, religion, age, ability, learning style, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. POSTIVE EXPOSURE has significantly

impacted the field of human rights, mental health, medicine, and education by providing new opportunities to see each individual as a human being and valued member of our society.


  • Describe the social and psychological experiences of people of all ages and ethno cultural heritages living with genetic, physical, behavioral and cognitive conditions.
  • Discuss ways to best meet the needs of children and families with, or at risk for a genetic disorder.
  • Explore opportunities to see each individual living with a genetic difference first and foremost as a human being with his/her own special needs, rather than as a specific diagnosis/disease entity.

October 28

Lecture to Osteopathic Medicine (DO) program.

About Touro California: Touro California is a graduate institution under the Touro Colleges and Universities System. Our campus is located in Vallejo, California on Mare Island, which is historically the site of the first Navy installation on the West Coast. Our school offers professional programs in the fields of Health Sciences, Public Health, and Education. The many graduate programs include Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy, Physician’s Assistant, and Nursing.