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FRAME is a web-based educational library and resource created by Positive Exposure that changes how medical information is presented to health care professionals in training, clinicians, families and communities.

What started as a pilot in collaboration with students in the Joan H Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics Sarah Lawrence College with five genetic conditions – and formerly entitled The New Face of Genetics – FRAME is growing into an important compendium of not only genetic conditions, but inclusive of acquired conditions and diagnoses .

Each brief film will give future genetic counselors, nurses, physicians, OT’s, PT’s, families and communities, a more robust understanding of featured genetic, physical, intellectual
behavioral and/ or acquired conditions, while modeling an attitude of respect for the humanity of patients.  Viewers will get to see participants talk, move, and smile, a departure from the “patient-as-a-specimen” model that most educational medical literature utilizes.  FRAME presents individuals in a manner, which captures their humanity and beauty.

SUNY Downstate discusses the impact of FRAME on their Community of Health Care Providers in Training and Practitioners.

In each film, participants connect differently with the audience as they introduce themselves to viewers and then demonstrate hallmark characteristics of their condition, not in a clinical, but in a “ natural, real life” manner.  This provides each visitor to the site, the opportunity to study and fully understand the featured condition on a real, dynamic person, bringing a new perspective to medical education and the learning process.  The script for each segment of the film will reflect the most current information on each condition as well as input from our team of well-regarded geneticists, specialists, families and support groups.

The goal is that, once completed, each segment will be used by health care providers in training and professionals as a tool to learn, understand and experience the distinct characteristics of the specific condition.  It will be an important teaching and learning tool that highlights humanity alongside key medical information.  Additionally, FRAME can be utilized by families, therapists, educators, communities.

3K6A7254_edited-1Our team:

Film Crew: Amitabh Joshi and Erik Spink,
Special thanks to our initial team at the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College: Shabnam Asgari, MS, CGC, Audrey Fan, MS, CGC, Caroline Lieber, MS, CGC, Jessica Martineau, MS, CGC, Cory McHale, MS, CGC, and Katherine Stoate, MS, CGC.