June 19

PHACE: 4th Bi-annual PHACE Syndrome Community Family Conference.

Country Springs Hotel
2810 Golf Road
Pewaukee, WI 53072

PHACE Syndrome, a congenital condition characterized by the association between large infantile hemangiomas, usually of the head and neck, and birth defects of the brain, heart, eyes, skin and/or arteries.

PHACE is an acronym that stands for the medical names of the parts of the body it often impacts:

  • P – Posterior fossa abnormalities and other structural brain abnormalities
  • H – Hemangioma(s) of the cervical facial region
  • A – Arterial cerebrovascular anomalies
  • C – Cardiac defects, aortic coarctation and other aortic abnormalities
  • E – Eye anomalies

Further information about the PHACE Syndrome Community is available at


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