March 5

NYU seminar series funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, entitled

“A Post-Genomic Embrace of the Human? The Social Science and Humanities of Non-Reductionist Life Sciences.”

Positive Exposure: 6-8 pm
The seminar series will bring together scholars in the social
sciences, humanities, and life sciences to explore themes including:
the conceptual move away from linear causation toward
neuroplasticity, networks and epigenetics in the life sciences; the
ways that non-reductionist science can be aesthetically represented
and made accessible to wider publics; and the philosophical and
political imperatives of post-genomic science. In your case, we
would like for you to discuss your photography as a way to give
audiences a sensory experience that helps them to see beyond simple
genetic definitions of normal and abnormal, able and disabled,
beautiful and scarred, to heighten their awareness of the social
malleability of such categories.

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