May 4

Postcard-Sarah 1Screening ON BEAUTY

The Battery, 717 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

(From the Website) About The Battery:

The Battery was a unique sort of social destination. I suppose I should not have been surprised. As I walked among its members, it was clear they were most at ease on their toes. An eager, inquisitive bunch, always curious, always on the hunt for new ideas and problems to solve. So it seemed natural that this energetic establishment was their idea of a place to relax. A place that could only be called traditional if you kept in mind its city’s traditional offerings of progressive thought, diversity and intelligence with just a touch of the bizarre. They made that decked out old building come alive with ideas and excitement. The cocktails and cuisine didn’t hurt the mood either.

Indeed, here is where they came to refill their cups. To tell stories. To swap ideas. To eschew status but enjoy the company of those they respected. Here is where they came to feel at home on an evening out.

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