October 18

The World Premiere of ON BEAUTY at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Show Times:

10/18/2014 1:15 PM , EFBEAU – $14 /$11 Get your ticket here:

If you are in Chicago, COME!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not, then get on a bus, train or plane..

Joanna, Sarah, Jayne from Kenya and I will all be there!!!!!!!!Screenshot-Rick photographing Jayne 2

Postcard-Sarah 1


USA, Kenya
Director: Joanna Rudnick

From Emmy-nominated filmmaker Joanna Rudnick (In the Family), On Beauty follows former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti as he focuses his lens on people who are often excluded or misrepresented in popular media. Highlighting vibrant individuals with genetic conditions, Rick’s work challenges conventional visions and helps redefine notions of beauty. Filmmaker and subject will participate in a post-screening panel discussion about the importance and difficulties of changing mainstream definitions of beauty.

77 min

Categories: Life Is Short, ReelWomen

Saturday, October 18th at 1:15pm at the AMC River East 21 theater.…/event/21004D30DA8E2692…

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