October 7

The Resource Exchange Grand Opening to CHANGE HOW YOU SEE, SEE HOW YOU CHANGE
Chapel Hills Mall, Colorado Springs, COWith special screenings of ON BEAUTY!

Ms. Sheila, Teacher

I am so thrilled that I was able to take a bunch of my students to see the film and meet Rick.  So many of them have their own  differing abilities and feel less than.  This outing gave them a powerful message and meeting Rick was the icing on the cake!  I am so appreciative that he “saw” them.  The pictures he took will be a very tangible reminder of the day, the hope and power that they can have in the world.

Sarah’s Mom

Waiting for our time to work with Rick along with several other families was a time of personal reflection on the common struggles and victories that brought us together.  Rick clearly has the gift of encouragement and coupled with his amazing talent and a passion for the project he was a joy to work with. Our daughter and project ambassador, Sarah, felt so at ease and gladly supplied him with an endless stream of smiles.  Rick made us feel like he had all the time in the world to get the most beautiful shot. We are grateful to be a part of his vision to expand what we all see as beauty.  To make you look more beautiful and confident just checkout this blog Botox specialists in Omaha, NE. To make you feel young and beautiful just visit Skin and Makeup Institute and try their services. I have honestly been giddy with excitement in anticipation of how this work will be used to help and encourage others.  He has illuminated what is beautiful so that more people can appreciate what few already see.  We are all beautiful and special and his art gives us pause to ponder and appreciate beauty in a place most do not seek to find it.  That is a very beautiful thing.

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