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Sometimes It Hurts by Allison Whitaker

Location: New York City
About: Allison Whitaker was born in the wrong body. Born into a life in a world that would never be right, it was never made for her her. Growing up, she never knew how to confront the fact that she was transgender and buried all of her anxiety and depression deep within, focusing her energy into, and obsessing over hobbies to get her mind off of everything she hid from the world. When finally confident to begin the coming out of the closet as a gay male at age 20, she found no support for her "choice". Rather than live with the burden of lack of support, she went back into the closet, living the next 12 years of her life closeted, seen by the world as a typical heterosexual male, again hiding her secret. At age 32, living with worsening anxiety and depression, Allison was faced with the decision to either end it all rather than live in the wrong body or to finally come out to the world and be herself. Luckily, she chose the latter. Along the way, she met new friends, has had many new experiences, including some negative ones that have included harassment, workplace discrimination, and sexual assault. This book is a reflection of her two-year long journey of transitioning from male to female, the joys and pains, surviving, and coming out the other side whole and happy. Read her first person account of her transition, through coming out at work and surgeries, ups and down, in a raw, honest account of her experience.
Medium: Literature/Memoir

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