October 17

Virtual Hand Sewing Workshop: FREE

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Time: 12-1pm EST

Venue: Online via Zoom

No. of Participants 10-15


Have you ever wanted to explore hand stitching and felt nervous picking up that needle? Did you ever wonder if you could explore stitching in a non-traditional way? This is an introductory workshop on hand sewing in which we will just learn one or two stitches and explore the endless possibilities they can offer.  Working with needles and threads can seem hard or out of reach but together we can make it easy and within reach.

Join me for this workshop to explore non-traditional ways of exploring stitching to create something interesting or simply engage with your hands and connect with our beautiful and rich community.

Supplies you will need:

Supplies You Will Need Click Here for Word Doc

Supplies you will need Click Here for PDF

About Sugandha Gupta

Textile Artist/ Maker/ Designer/ Disability Advocate/ Educator



Image Description: Portrait of young woman with pale skin and light blond/white hair with nose ring and red lipstick, smiling into the camera. She is wrapped in light beige and almost white textiles around her neck and shoulders.

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