The PEARLS Project:  Positive Exposure Ambassadors’ Real Life Stories

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This groundbreaking educational program invites audiences to learn about the real life experiences of individuals and their families living with genetic, physical, intellectual and behavioral differences.

Audience participants are introduced to a photo exhibition of people living with difference (PEARLS Ambassadors), which then comes alive, as the children, adults and families from the photographs, blog about their lives and experiences through a password protected, online forum.  The POSITIVE EXPOSURE team approves all posts.

Whether used in the classroom with students or as a professional development tool, lives are enriched and changed as the audiences gain a deeper understanding and respect for human diversity.  Concurrently, the individuals and their families living with difference are empowered to become self-advocates and use their unique voices to foster positive change.

If you are a K-12 teacher, please find sample lesson plans, units of study as well as ideas for activities and projects under Elementary, Middle and High School, and Additional Resources.

Positive Exposure support staff also works closely with schools, institutions of higher learning, organizations as well as individuals to help adapt the PEARLS Project to meet site-specific needs.

New York Time Article

Rigewood High School

If you are interested in learning more about the PEARLS Project and/or receiving the PEARLS Project, please contact:

Liz Grossman, Executive Director


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