Our Staff

  • Light-skinned, grey-haired man wearing black, smiling.

    Rick Guidotti

    Founder and Director

  • Light-skinned, blond-haired woman wearing black, smiling.

    Liz Matejka-Grossman

    Director of Education and Programming

  • Light-skinned, blond-haired man wearing blue, smiling. 

    Ian Burto

    Gallery Manager, Associate Program Director. He who does everything.

  • Light-skinned, brown haired woman smiling. 

    Alison Graham

    Photography, Video, Social Media Coordinator, Associate Program Director

  • man with blue eyes and curly brown hair looking into the lens.

    Georgie Fredrick Evans

    Program Associate

Board of Directors

  • Medium-skinned man dark curly hair, smiling.

    Quemuel “Q” Arroyo

    Board Member: Chief Accessibility Officer at the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

  • Two women with light skin and long brown hair, wearing black & pink, face the camera.

    Kathleen Cail

    Chair: Co-founder and director of ACCESS Cincinnati

  • Christie Falco

    Board Member: Global Legal Director, Data and Commercial (ABI Growth) at AB InBev

  • Man with white hair and mustache glasses and gray t-shirt.

    Seth Keller, MD

    Board Member, Neurologist, Co-chair of the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices (NTG). Past President American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

  • Light-skinned woman with long blond hair and hoop earring, smiling.

    Bieke Kreps, DDS, Msc

    Vice Chair: Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, NYU College of Dentistry.

  • Medium-skinned woman with dark curly hair, smiling.

    Janet LeBreck

    Board Member: Former Commissioner for the Blind, MA / National Rehabilitation Services Administration

  • Woman with brown hair and black glasses

    Denise Parker

    Treasurer: Director, Accounting Wise Consulting Associates

  • an with glasses and white hair smiling into the lens.

    Steven Perlman, DDS, MscD, DHL

    Board Member: President of Project Accessible Oral Health, Founder of Healthy Athletes and Special Olympics Special Smiles, Co-Founder of the American Academy of Development Medicine and Dentistry

  • Light-skinned woman with blond hair and bright pink suit jacket, smiling.

    Barbie Vartanian

    Board Member: Director, Oral Health Advocacy & Policy Initiatives, NYU College of Dentistry

Advisory Board

  • Woman with gray blond hair on street talking to a man with short dark hair.

    Anita Altman

    Co-Founder, ReelAbilities Film Festival.

  • Man with grey hair and light beard in Tamn dress shirt, leaning on right hand and looking into the camera

    Joseph Boggess

    Hair and Make-Up Artist. Photographer.

  • Woman with short dark hair looking straightinto the lens.

    Christine Bruno

    Actor. Director. Teaching Artist. Disability Equity Consultant.

  • Man with long blong/ gray hair and big smile wearing a floral t-shirt.

    Lawrence Carter Long

    Director of Communications, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.

  • Woman wearing a tan and multi colored tunic with matching head band. i

    Meelin Dian Chin Kit- Wells DDS, M.Ed.

    President Elect AADMD ( Amercan Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry) Clinical Assistant Professor Board Certified Pediatric Dentist UBSDM EDI Committee Chair

  • Woman with light brown hair smiling with red lipstick.

    Becky Curran Kekula

    Director, Disability Equality Index (DEI).

  • Man with blond hair and blue eyes wering a navy blue sweater and white collared shirt.

    Ian Falconer

    Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. Theater Set and Costume Designer.

  • Woman in glasses with dark hair wearing a beige blazer, black top and dark pants, sitting on a stool, legs and are crossed.

    Faye Ginsburg

    Director, NYU Center for Media, Culture, and History. Professor of Anthropology, New York University. Co-Director, NYU Center for Disability Studies. Vice President, Dysautonomia Foundation.

  • A woman with red glasses, red blouse and light brown hair smiling into the camera.

    Judy Heumann: WIll always lead us!

    International Disability Justice, Disability Rights Advocate. Author, Friend

  • woman in tan leather coat and white wool hat with glasses and dark hair.

    Xian Horn

    Founder and Executive Director, Give Beauty Wings. Author. Blogger. Beauty and Disability Advocate.

  • an with black glasses and white shirt holding a little girl in white dress.

    Roger Kilmartin

    Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup, L'Oréal

  • Woman with brown curly hair and cat eye shaped glasses looking into the lens.

    Emily Ladau

    Author. Digital Communications Consultant. Disability Rights Advocate.

  • Woman with blond hair and pink sweater in manual wheelchair.

    Carr Massi

    Disability Rights Advocate. Former President, Disabled In Action. Co-Founder, Metropolitan Chapter of the National Paraplegia Foundation.

  • Woman with blond dreads and bright red lips laughing.

    Mem Nahdr

    Performance Artist. Vocalist. Author. Composer. Filmmaker. Human Rights Activist.

  • man with gray hair and beard against white wall wearing white shirt and black leather jacket.

    Ralph Rucci

    Artist. Couturier. Author

  • Man with graying hair in blue shirt and dark red tie in front of wood paneling and window.

    Michael Stein

    Co-Founder and Executive Director, Harvard Law School Project on Disability. Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School.

Our Programs

  • Two light-skinned people face each other at a table.

    Meet the amazing ambassadors bringing voices to life experiences and advocacy.

  • Medium-skinned woman in a wheelchair, on set of a movie. Medium-skinned man in foreground looking through camera lens.

    Watch Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education (FRAME). Gain a more humanized understanding of medical conditions and critical topics through our searchable, web-based educational film library.

  • Light-skinned man with grey hair stands against a backdrop and makes a pointed gesture with his hand.

    Learn about our collaborations with hospital systems, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and educational institutions.

  • Explore and visit our showcased work in galleries and installations across the globe.