Redefining Beauty for over 25 Years

Thanks to incredible public response and generous donors, Positive Exposure has transformed into a global 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Positive Exposure has spent more than twenty five years collaborating internationally with nonprofit organizations, hospitals, medical schools, educational institutions, museums, galleries, advocacy groups and communities to effect a sea-change in societal attitudes towards individuals and communities at risk of stigma and exclusion.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished together.

100,000+ Ambassadors

Positive Exposure has photographed over 100,000 ambassadors, empowering individuals and communities to celebrate the beauty of human diversity. Ambassadors hail from everywhere in the United States and in over 100 countries.

25,000+ Partnerships — and growing!

Positive Exposure has cultivated thousands of partnerships with hospital systems, educational institutions, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations, globally. Partnerships include the Smithsonian, Museum of Tolerance, Mayo Clinic, Karolinska Institute, New York Department of Education, the New York Common Pantry.

30+ Productions in the FRAME Film Library

FRAME Film Library continues to expand our impact. Positive Exposure has created over 30 FRAME films (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) with many more in development. FRAME Films have informed 50,000+ healthcare providers in training and practitioners to see beyond a diagnosis to the humanity of each patient. The healthcare providers in training and practitioners include medical and dental students, nurses, genetic counselors, occupational and physical therapists, and clinicians.

Spans 6 Continents

Positive Exposure has collaborations with over 50% of U.S. medical schools with international healthcare partnerships on six continents.

PEARLS Project active since 2010.

Positive Exposure has provided an online platform, PEARLS Project, for ambassadors to share life experiences from their unique and thrilling perspectives. PEARLS is utilized by classrooms, families, educators, researchers, and the general public.

100+ Grants and Awards

Positive Exposure’s contributions to human rights, mental health, medicine, the arts, and education have been recognized through grants, awards, and accolades, nationally and internationally.

1,000+ Exhibitions and Installations

Millions of people, across the globe, have witnesses and embraced the beauty of our ambassadors through our multimedia exhibitions in a variety of venues, ranging from educational institutions and medical centers to shopping malls, museums, galleries, transportation hubs, and other public spaces.

Positive Exposure Gallery buzzing with activity for 10,000+ visitors

Positive Exposure Gallery in East Harlem on Museum Mile serves as a central hub to showcase visual, performing, literary, and multisensory artists and programs. The hub of activity includes art and theater workshops, artists in residence programs, social justice initiatives, community engagement, field trip activities for school groups and scholars, film screenings, guest lecturers, and citywide public art installations.

Audiences are invited to visit, to learn, to interact, to engage in dialogue and experience these ever-evolving collections and important, often overlooked contributions to the art world.

Help us continue to make an impact

These efforts wouldn’t be possible without you. Your tax-deductible donation makes it possible for Positive Exposure to build on our partnerships, expand educational resources, and continue redefining beauty.