About Positive Exposure

Founded by award-winning photographer Rick Guidotti in New York City, Positive Exposure has transformed into a global movement, celebrating the beauty and richness of human diversity.

For 25 years, Positive Exposure has operated as a 501(c)(3), building a more equitable, compassionate world for individuals and communities at risk of stigma and exclusion. We all share the same need: The need to be seen. The need to be heard. The need to belong.

At Positive Exposure, we create spaces rooted in unity, respect, and inclusion through photography, film, educational programs, and advocacy at our gallery in East Harlem and around the globe.

Our Featured Programs

  • Two light-skinned people face each other at a table.

    Meet the amazing ambassadors bringing voices to life experiences and advocacy.

  • Medium-skinned woman in a wheelchair, on set of a movie. Medium-skinned man in foreground looking through camera lens.

    Watch Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education (FRAME). Gain a more humanized understanding of medical conditions and critical topics through our searchable, web-based educational film library.

  • Light-skinned man with grey hair stands against a backdrop and makes a pointed gesture with his hand.

    Learn about our collaborations with hospital systems, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and educational institutions.

  • Explore and visit our showcased work in galleries and installations across the globe.

Positive Exposure Gallery

An accessible, first-of-its-kind community space dedicated to kickstarting conversations around inclusivity and celebrating human diversity. Located on NYC’s Museum Mile, Positive Exposure Gallery serves as a central hub to showcase visual, performing, literary and multisensory artists and programs.

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Together, we can promote a more inclusive world by looking closer and talking about differences and disabilities — not looking away. Your tax-deductible donation makes it possible for Positive Exposure to build on our partnerships, expand educational resources, and continue redefining beauty.