POSITIVE EXPOSURE is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.

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POSITIVE EXPOSURE promotes a more inclusive world through award-winning photography, films, exhibitions, lectures and educational programs.

For more than 20 years, POSITIVE EXPOSURE has collaborated globally with nonprofit organizations, hospitals, medical schools, educational institutions and advocacy groups to promote a more equitable and compassionate world where individuals and communities at risk of stigma and exclusion are understood, embraced and celebrated.


WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER! #bettertogether

COVID – 19: Throughout the world, COVID-19 is forcing all of us into temporary social isolation. This is not new for many of the individuals and families whose lives and stories POSITIVE EXPOSURE elevates and values on a regular basis. COVID-19 is teaching us to better understand, what is lost when we are isolated from one another, the importance of staying connected, and that we are better together.

POSITIVE EXPOSURE has been laser-focused on making sure our community is ok. We created POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects, a weekly interview series with friends and leaders from the disability community and virtual check-ins on Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter, and Zoom. We want to make sure our community feels empowered and valued, during this challenging time and always.

POSITIVE EXPOSURE recently presented to NYU College of Dentistry pediatric resident students via Zoom, discussing our mission and the importance of seeing the person rather than the disease or disability.  We screened several of our Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education (FRAME) films and hosted a Q&A.  The response was tremendous. We plan on continuing these initiatives and expanding more programs to be offered virtually.

Each week we are expanding our programs and announcing an exciting schedule of events, so that individuals, families, and students of all ages can connect, learn, and share. Be sure to check out our PEARLS Project and FRAME under the EDUCATION tab, make sure we have your email by registering here, and follow us on FB, Instagram, Twitter and our YouTube Channel.



POSITIVE EXPOSURE has significantly impacted the field of human rights, mental health, medicine, and education by providing new opportunities to see each individual as a human being and valued member of our society.

In June 1998, POSITIVE EXPOSURE was featured in LIFE Magazine as the cover story entitled, Redefining Beauty:

In collaboration with the Genetic Alliance and the National Human Genome Research Institute, POSITIVE EXPOSURE premiered a photographic exhibition for the People’s Genome Celebration at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History in 2001. Since then, POSITIVE EXPOSURE has continued to develop exhibitions, lectures, workshops, educational programs and initiatives.


FRAME  (Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education) is a web-based film library that changes how medical information is presented to healthcare providers in training, clinicians, families and communities.

PEARLS Project highlights our shared humanity by providing a blog platform for our ambassadors from around the world to tell their stories, and allow audiences to experience life from their unique perspective.

In 2017, POSITIVE EXPOSURE BELGIUM was established as the European headquarters with the launch in Ghent, Belgium.

For additional information, please contract our European Program Director, Bieke kreps: bieke@positiveexposure.org


Click here for a selection of lectures and workshops.

POSITIVE EXPOSURE 109 – a community space celebrating human diversity through arts and culture – is open in NYC’s East Harlem on Museum Mile. This innovative, new space is the first of its kind in the history of New York City.

Today, POSITIVE EXPOSURE 109 is a PLACE where we all belong,  a PLACE for you to be you, to tell your story, share your gifts and meet and learn from other people. A PLACE where we can collaborate with you — our friends and partners to create programs, performances and exhibitions to share locally and globally.Kathleen Cail, President, Board of Directors.

How you can support POSITIVE EXPOSURE:

  • Please support our programs by donating online.
  • Please help make POSITIVE EXPOSURE 109 fully accessible.
  • Invite a POSITIVE EXPOSURE presentation, exhibition to your community.
  • Register to view our PEARLS Ambassadors blogs.
  • Be a PEARLS Project Host School.
  • Collaborate with POSITIVE EXPOSURE and your community.
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POSITIVE EXPOSURE has been featured in media outlets such as People, The American Journal of Medical Genetics, The Lancet, The New York Times, Huff Post, Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, LIFE, CNN, BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, among others. POSITIVE EXPOSURE is the focus of the 2014 award-winning documentary, On Beauty, by Kartemquin Films.