Im age of a young man in an busy italian piazza with old builings in the background.


Aeden is a cool 15y teen living with Duchenne

Aeden a 15 year teen “living” with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy ( DMD). At the age of eight , he began his life journey in a wheelchair.
Although he may not ambulate ; it doesn’t stop him from breaking the barriers to embrace life!
He enjoys traveling to Italy, rap music, is quite the talented artist and an avid gamer! Aeden loves to collect designer sneakers and hope to build his YouTube site (Notghost-_z).
He has participated in several clinical trials to help push science towards a cure. His art has been exhibited at the Guggenheim museum, Auctioned through the Make-A-Wish foundation and he has won several local art competitions.
He and his mom have advocated within their community ensuring that pathways are fluid for wheelchair users in parks and public spaces. In addition, they have supported families with special needs assistance for school, home and travel.
Aeden is a fun- loving yet gentle soul that refuses to let his wheelchair define him.
Life is about making days count instead of counting days!

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