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AACAP October 23-28 2023 NYC American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry New York Hilton Midtown

AACAP October 23-28 2023 NYC American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry New York Hilton Midtown

Panel Discussion and Photo Exhibit

About the Panel


The goal of this year’s James C. Harris, MD, Developmental Neuropsychiatry Forum is to highlight the theme of diversity and inclusion among children with neurodevelopmental and genetic syndromes. The two talks in this year’s forum approach this topic in different ways. The first talk is a multimedia presentation given by an award-winning photographer who illustrates the spirit of difference amongst children with genetic, intellectual, and behavioral differences. The second talk is given by an internationally renowned researcher who discusses mechanistic and treatment discovery in one specific genetic disorder, Fragile X, using precision medicine approaches. The two talks collectively highlight themes of heterogeneity in genetic and clinical presentations, societal acceptance and advocacy, and the importance of celebrating each individual as a unique and valued member of our society.

The first speaker, Mr. Rick Guidotti, is an award-winning international photographer, whose career initially began in the fashion industry where he worked for many high-profile companies around the globe. Mr. Guidotti’ s career focus expanded in 1997, after a chance encounter with a young lady living with albinism at a bus stop in New York City. After seeking out medical textbooks, he was affronted by the dehumanizing images depicting medical conditions. It was this experience which forced Rick to turn his lens from the more traditional ideas of beauty to the beauty and richness of human diversity. Mr. Guidotti subsequently founded POSITIVE EXPOSURE, a non-profit organization that promotes a more inclusive world through award-winning photography. He has since spent more than 25 years collaborating internationally with advocacy organizations/NGOs, medical schools, universities, and other educational institutions to effect a change in societal attitudes towards individuals living with genetic, physical, behavioral or intellectual differences.

Our second speaker, Craig Erickson, MD, is a child psychiatrist and neuroscientist who specializes in the translational treatment development in neurodevelopmental disorders including primary work in Fragile X syndrome and autism. He is a professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He has established a world-class translational research program in neurodevelopmental disorders. He serves as the director of research at the Kelly O’Leary Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry both at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. He has a successful track record of grant funding, an uncanny ability to develop and lead innovative projects, and has contributed to over 100 peer reviewed articles. He holds over 10 patents within the area of therapeutic development in neurodevelopmental disorders. At the heart, Dr. Erickson is also a clinician and tireless advocate for his patients and their families having been recognized for his efforts through the CCHMC Making a Difference Award and the National Fragile X Foundation Clinical Award.

Sponsored by AACAP’s Autism and Intellectual Disability Committee and supported by James C. Harris, MD, and Catherine DeAngelis, MD, MPH


October 25, 2023
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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