POSITIVE EXPOSURE Connects June 23 – 26

June 23, 2020

23rd Tuesday: 4pm ET

Little People of America Make the World Your Runway

Chat Fashion with Becky Curran Kekula and Lauren Humphries



24th Wednesday: 2pm ET

World Vitiligo Day

Chat with Diane Tribbit & Friends

Houston Vitiligo Awareness Movement



25th Thursday: 2pm ET

Donna Walton

Divas with Disabilities Project

Zazel Chavah-O’Garra

Founder and Artistic Director, ZCO Project


26th Friday: 2pm

Quemuel Arroyo

Appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Surface Transportation Committee which is helping plan for the reopening of NYC post Covid.

Former Chief Accessibility Specialist of New York City Department of Transportation