The PEARLS Project is a creative tool for classrooms, professional development, research as well as anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding and respect for human diversity. Our ambassadors and their families are also empowered to become self-advocates and use their unique voices to foster positive change.


NY TIMES Article


From AMY:

I had a great Christmas. One of my favorite gifts was a Positive Exposure sweatshirt. My mom had my name put on it, and I think it looks cool. When people ask me about Positive Exposure I tell them it’s about showing everyone that people with disabilities have lives, too!

When I’m ready, I tell my friends about XP/TTD. I don’t really think of my self as just a disease. It’s part me, but it’s not the most important part of me.

From Grad Student Arielle:

So grades were posted yesterday (and I survived).

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