May 26-30

May 27, 2020

Tuesday May 26 2 pm

 Christie Falco

Lawyer, advocate for people living with albinism & cancer survivor

Wednesday May 27 2 pm

Sugandha Gupta

Textile Artist/ Maker/ Designer/ Disability Advocate/ Educator



Thursday May 28 2 pm

Katie Wright │ Director

The VEDS Movement

Charging forward. Saving lives.

The VEDS Movement is the Foundation’s newest division. Learn about Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (VEDS)

Friday May 29 11am

Bieke kreps

Pediatric Dentist in Belgium and also Department of Pediatric Dentistry at NYU College of Dentistry & Director of Positive Exposure Europe.

With photographer & make-up artist, Joseph Boggess

Saturday May 30 11am

Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society’s Founder and President Jannine Cody with daughters, Catherine Cody Larson, Child psychiatrist and advocate, Elizabeth Cody.