Our Transgender Community collaboration with NYU Langone

September 25, 2018

Positive Exposure collaborates with NYU Langone, to better inform the medical clinicians and the general public about the valuable and beautiful stories of our friends in the transgender community. On September 25th, we celebrated this project in partnership with the OUT Foundation at The HUB at Lululemon on 5th Ave., in NYC. What a party it was! We shared a sneak peak at our revolutionary film, which is a platform for our friends to voice their stories and their perspectives.   We were joined that night, by the amazing Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langer and Dr. Lee C. Zhao, along with some of the film’s stars including, Wendy, Allison, Aiden, Tyric, Sydney and Leah, Nathan, Danielle, Gaines and Jack.


“Everything is the way it should be.” –Wendy

“I’m vibrant. I’m visible. I’m here. I’m Lasso. –Lasso

“I am supposed to wake up and be comfortable in my own skin.” –Allison