Outside Voices: Poems Inspired By The Prismatic Lens Of Lizzie Tian

December 8, 2023

Our resident poetry and theater group, Outside Voices, has been meeting every Thursday in our gallery. While The Prismatic Lens of Lizzie Tian was on view, the group felt compelled to write poems inspired by her work. We are proud to feature a selection of them here.

From Outside Voices: “We are about advocacy, empowerment, out-of-the-box-thinking and disability pride. We chose our name because we believe that VOICES from the OUTSIDE deserve to be heard. We believe in access. We will not use our quiet, inside voices to get your attention.”

Image descriptions at the end of this page.




















Image Descriptions: The following poems are each printed in dark colors on pastel-colored backgrounds, formatted in squares.


Sending you on an existential journey
through the space/time continuum
until your third eye opens
revealing the secrets of the universe
open up to us,
temporarily uniting everyone
at least temporarily.

By J.


I stare in that drawing has inspired me
Has lit up my soul and my inner space
Nothing’s more perfect than this one
That picture has opened my eyes.
Wish I was an eagle soaring through the sky.
Look up and soar through the sky as high.
Free! Feel free! To touch the clouds and rain,
I stare at those eagles. I wish I could join them.
Feel like Spring has come.
Our day has come!

By C.


While admiring the art work of Lizzie Tian
I noticed a picture of a lady who looks like a motherly figure.
This picture brings back memories of the females who are and have been a part of my life.
The art work is beautiful.
This picture takes me on a journey through the past.
This is the kind of picture I would like to display at home.
This picture is a memorial or a tribute to people who are no longer with me anymore.

By H.


The paintings that stand out to me
are classic automobiles
Blue pastel on paper
9 X 22 inches
9 X 12 inches
They both say the idea
A particular sense of a visual essence to them
a sense of aura
And mystique.
It shows universal aesthetics are interconnected as one.
Because we are spiritually connected as one.
Bright colors hold on to me.
A special meaning.
Noone lives forever
Our art creations do however last a very long time.
Beyond our expanses
Parts of time and space.
Thus I am an artist
Which also means that I see beauty and joy!
There is inspiration and hope for our world.

By A.