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POSITIVE EXPOSURE is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of human

Now we are thrilled to introduce our FIRST book:

Change How You See, See How You Change

This illustrious and uplifting book explores the near twenty-year journey of POSITIVE EXPOSURE’s founder and award-winning photographer, Rick Guidotti, on his quest to discover the beauty in genetic diversity.

Featuring over 50 genetic syndromes through portraiture and personal narratives of those photographed from POSITIVE EXPOSURE’s ever-evolving collection, Change How You See, See How You Change invites readers to see beyond diagnosis to the humanity that we all share. 

Change how you seesee how you change!

Review from Sharon F. Terry, President & CEO, Genetic Alliance

These words ring in my heart when I think about the work of Rick Guidotti and Positive Exposure. They capture well my experience of Rick’s phenomenal work. I am the mother of two kids (now adults) who have a genetic condition with an obvious outward manifestation. I felt that heart crushing moment when they were diagnosed with the rare disease pseudoxanthoma elasticum. I knew that there was the possibility that they could be teased at best, and bullied at worst, for their condition. 

Meeting Rick and awarding him the Genetic Alliance Art of Reporting Award, inevitably meant I would change how I see the community in which I live and work. One cannot come in contact with either Rick or the wonder of his work in the world and remain unchanged. He sees the incredible beauty in all if us and especially that which is inherent in the beautiful people living with a variety of conditions.

This new book is a dream come true. For as long as clinicians and scientists have recognized these diseases, they have not seen the remarkable individuals who bear them. We have had to explain to medical students, doctors, nurses and other medical folks that our kids are not their disease. The usual depictions of these conditions reduces people to clinical anonymity.  Rick SEES the beauty in everyone, gives expression to the individual’s heart and soul, and exquisitely captures it in his photographs. This book conveys the marvel of the human body and spirit, in all forms.

My dearest hope is that this book is on every medical student’s desk, in the hands of those who treat people affected by these disease, and everywhere discrimination, stigma, and just plain misunderstanding, must be dispelled. I weep when I page through this book, filled as it is with photographs that speak to my heart, and tiny stories that tickle my imagination, and further bring these wonderful people into my sightline. Bravo for Rick’s seeing, and for the change he will incite through this amazing compendium of love.

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