Lawrence Carter Long

Director of Communications, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.

A lifelong activist, as an adult Lawrence has been a modern dancer, radio show host and producer, and was the curator/co-host of groundbreaking festival The Projected Image: A History of Disability on Film on Turner Classic Movies reaching 87 million people.

Lawrence Carter-Long’s lifetime of advocacy combines a unique blend of the arts, public policy, and popular culture. A recognized authority on the history and changing face of disability in film and TV (and how media representation intersects with and helps shapes society), he has provided feedback, guidance and curated or consulted on projects for the National Endowment for the Arts, NPR, PBS, the BBC, Turner Classic Movies, and the American Film Institute among others notable initials that Non-Disclosure Agreements don’t allow us to mention, and has lectured on disability history and media representation at the Library of Congress, the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, and the United Nations.