Hello –

For Christmas I got an iPad cover,iPad, a mix to make dog bones, and a calendar with some of my dog pictures on it. On an iPad you can play games and get on the Internet. You can also use email on here too.

My Aunt Patti had a Christmas party for my dad’s side of the family. I got to see my second cousin and her name is Lucy.  She was born in November and she was so small.   I got some cute pictures of her. I also got to see my friend Mackenzie.

For winter break I went to Delaware and visited with my grandmother.  She lives in Lewes.  We did a lot of crafts. We also did a puzzle. I also made treats for Biscuit using the mix I got for Christmas.   We went to the winter festival of lights and it was near Ocean City. We got on a tram to see  the lights. I have some excellent pictures but some were blurry.

School is ok for me. Is school ok for you? My favorite class is math. What is your favorite class? I also do chorus and it is  singing.  The good thing about chorus is that you get to sing with a group and put on concerts. I also have a pool in my school. My class gets to go swimming  in the next unit..which is at the end of February. During SS, I am doing the Oregon Trail unit.  We are pretending that we are on a wagon train going to Oregon. It is fun. Here are some things that have happened on this adventure was I (my character, Rebecca Simpson) got caught by kissing another boy in another wagon train. The boy thought I was cute. He said do you want to kiss and I said wont that get us in trouble but i said yes anyway. Then, My family stop and got some more supplies such as oats,water, and gloves. The fort name was fort hall. We lost $80 and half it was my fault. I got caught stealing from another wagon train and i lost $40 for doing that. I feel sad because we lost $80 in that month. I  got in BIG trouble by stealing and now I have to carry heavy stuff  till the trail is end. We only have 2 months to

The weather here is warm instead of cold. The worst part is that I can’t wear my Uggs everyday.  Some days they are just too hot.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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