American Girl Dolls

I really like to play with my American Girl dolls. I got my first big AG doll for Christmas two years ago, it is Emily. Then last year I got another one for Christmas, this was Kanai. I had been saving all my money from birthdays and holidays (I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah) to get American Girl dolls. So in January I went on a bus trip with my mom and a kid from the neighborhood (and her mom) to the AG store where I bought with my own money…Marie Grace.My mom likes to bargain shop and is always checking ebay, amazon and places like that so she could get ‘good bang for her buck.’ She got me a retired Kirsten and retired Chrissa.
Three days after my 8th birthday, my older sister and I went the American Girl store in Massachusetts with my mom. What my mom did not tell me is that Aly Raisman was going to be there to meet and greet her fans. I am one of them. I loved watching the Olympic gymnastics on tv this summer. I stayed up really late a few nights. While at the AG store in MA I got McKenna (the gymnast). It was a bummer that we got there a little late and didn’t get to MEET Aly, but we stood really close and got lots of pictures!!! I even have one of her looking down where I was sitting and smiling at me!
What I also want to say is I love reading American Girl books. I’ve learned so much about history (World War II, Great Depression, New Mexico, Hawaii).  

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