Boston Aquarium

This weekend I went to the New England Aquarium in Boston with my family, we met up with my Aunt and Uncle who live in MA. There was construction going on and so things weren’t normal in the building. My mom was really bummed that the penguin exhibit was gone!
My favorite parts of the Aquarium were the sea lions that were outside and the sea turtles. My baby sister got really excited when we were watching the sea lions while waiting for my aunt and uncle to get there.
On our way to lunch there was a fountain. My mom ran threw it with my big sister and then I went in the fountain with them. We were feeling a little crazy. We went to lunch at a local pizza shop and the pizza was like NY pizza—my mom was very happy. She grew up in NY and misses her pizza and the big city a lot.
We went to Faneuil Hall after the aquarium. We saw a street performer act like a statue. She gave out fortunes for donations. It was neat. We got ice cream at the market, it was delicious. I had a lot of fun, I really miss my aunt and uncle—hope to see them again soon.
What do you do with your relatives? Have you ever been to an aquarium? What did you like? 

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