By: Austin

School for me is a great experience. I have a lot of friends supporting me. Since I am a freshman everything is getting more difficult, but I still am getting it pretty well. The only thing I don’t like is Algebra. Math was numbers and now there is letters? Jeez. And my math teacher is so fast like he’ll give us a problem and literally like ten seconds later he would ask for the answer. Come on dude slow down!! Anyway since I am a freshman I can take more extracurricular classes. I am now in Viscom which I really like.  It is a class about photography and editing. We have a darkroom (a room that’s only red lights) and make films and other really cool things. I love photography. I like taking pictures with really good cameras and seeing how clear it is. Also band is probably my favorite subject. I have a deep passion for music. I love playing drums, piano, guitar, all of them are so awesome. I have been playing percussion since fourth grade. I feel like that’s where I truly fit in and belong. This year I tried out for Drumline for our marching band. There were only two freshman and all upperclassmen. I wanted to try bass drum because they lay down really cool beats. There were only four bass drums and 15 people plus me were trying out. Me against upperclassmen. Yikes. But I actually made it. I love it.

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