Ups and Downs of Living with Moebius Syndrome

By: Austin

Living with Moebius Syndrome has its ups and downs. Although I hate that I don’t have any facial expressions, I choose to accept myself deeply and completely.  I wish I could speak a lot better but I can talk very well for what I have, mostly because of the facial surgery. Speaking of surgeries, all of the surgeries I had made me more mature.  The first facial surgery, what they did was they took muscles out of my leg that I didn’t use and put them in my chewing nerves so when I bite down I could smile. It was only suppose to be 8 hours, but turned into 16. After I had to stay in the hospital for like a month with getting bloodwork every six hours and it was just very traumatic.  I was always laughing and staying very strong though.  This made me stronger.  A lot of people stare at me but surprisingly it doesn’t really bother me. Like they don’t really know and they’re just curious. When people make fun of me I really don’t take it to heart, I just blow it off. And I’m the kind of person that if you say something to me, I am not going to take it and I’ll say something to you.  Luckily in elementary school I was friends with everyone in my grade and I was very popular. High school is pretty much the same. I have a couple people who say stuff about me, but I don’t really bother with it because it’s just drama and not worth it.

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