Moebius Syndrome Foundation

By: Austin

I just recently went to the first Moebius Syndrome Conference and I loved it. I met a lot of awesome people who I can definitely relate to. I was definitely shocked on how good I have it though. Like some people had no limbs and had to get fed from a tube and had tracheas. Also almost every one of them were really shy and self conscious.  It made me realize how blessed I truly am. I have all of my limbs, I can talk decently well, I can close my mouth, I can eat, I have a lot of friends, I am not bullied, I am very confident and outgoing, and I have a lot of leadership. It was definitely an eye opener. I want to get involved more in the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. I want to definitely fundraise and be known in the foundation. I want to be a role model for Moebius. I think that would be awesome.

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