By: Byron

It’s not fun going to a battlefield on a rainy day. I went to Gettysburg today for American history and it was damp. I had to take my wheelchair because of walking and the stress fracture issue (last summer I took a 6-mile walk and got a stress fracture that is still healing). The wheelchair sunk in the mud, and my friend and I had to push it out.

I just finished studying ASL (American Sign Language) because I have a test this week. It’s hard and easy doing ASL with one hand. I have accommodations. My teacher and I have ways that she understands me. I give her notes for a project and she grades me fairly. It’s hard to understand ASL because you have to watch carefully and put it together in your head while they’re doing it. When I sign projects, I sign a part of it and then she sits next to me and interprets it to the rest of the students because ASL is usually with two hands, and they don’t always understand my signs that I do with one hand.

I have a soccer game this week that will be fun. We’ve been working toward this game all season because it’s the hardest team in the league. Hopefully we’ll win, but I’m not certain about that. So far we’ve only lost one game.

I had a game last Saturday. The day before it was in the 80s and on Saturday it was in the 40s and raining really hard and surprisingly they didn’t cancel the game. Everyone except a few people on the team, including me, were wearing shorts and t-shirts because they were playing. Luckily I was only doing stats but I had to stop halfway through because the paper was soaking wet and I couldn’t write anymore.

Tomorrow I’m going to a pottery place in Alexandria, Virginia for off-campus education, and I hope it’s fun. I’ll let you know.


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