Hey guys!
I can’t believe it’s already October!!! Time is flying by. The work is starting to pile up and it’s kind of overwhelming. But, I am very happy because I thought I had three assignments due today but it was only two! It’s awesome, because the two that were actually due were the ones I had been working on/almost done with. Thank goodness haha.

This weekend I had to go for my flu shot and a blood draw. :( I had to wait a long time for the shot even though I had made an appointment and the office was pretty much empty. But, it’s okay because there is a giant fish tank in the waiting room. The fish are pretty; I love this one (sorry for the glare!)

On a prior visit my mom and I named it Polka Dot (my last name). So it was nice to visit Polka Dot. :)

After the shot and blood draw we went out to eat and then dropped my dad off at the house so my mom and I could go to Target. We love Target. A little too much. :D I was excited to find some tennis shoes that have purple and sparkles in them. I also love sparkles/glitter. Haha. Then, we spent like 10 minutes looking at play-doh sets! I wanted to get one since I thought it might be good for working on my finger and hand strength, plus it is super fun. :) We ended up getting this one.

And yes, I know I am 21 and in grad school. But, sometimes you just gotta have some fun. :)

Have a good week!!!

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