So the quiz yesterday wasn’t too bad.  The grammar was HORRIBLE though!  I was like really?  This is a graduate level course.  It was funny too because he kept saying “oh wait, ignore that question. Free points to everyone because I messed up”.  Now, I am not complaining about free points.  But, it was rather annoying that the quiz was so messed up in terms of formatting and grammar.

Today I had a paper outline and a presentation to give.  I think I did well on both.  I won’t get a grade on the presentation though.  It just counts as participation.  I had to read an article from a list and present it for like 20 minutes.  My article was about employment for women during the New Deal.  I took notes and typed them up for the class.  That is what a lot of students have been doing.  Hopefully the professor liked it…

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