Farm Trip

By: Jonah

Farm Trip

Today I went on a field trip to a farm.  This is one of my favorite places to go.  My mom came and Farrah stayed home with a babysitter.  I like Farrah, but it’s really special when my mom and I do something fun with just us.  Farrah would have probably liked to play in the pig pen though.  We got to feed and pet the animals, go on a hay ride, and then pick a pumpkin.  I picked a round orange one for me and a tall bumpy one for Farrah.

Here is “Red Cow”.  She is my favorite animal at this farm.

Jonah.Red Cow

I love watching the pig’s nose wiggle.

The cow was so cute!

This is my friend Kendrick and I on the hayride.
Jonah.Hay Ride

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