Homecoming Dance

By: Byron

Homecoming Dance

I went to the homecoming dance last night. And today I have a homecoming 
soccer game that I’m getting ready for. The dance was really fun because 
yesterday I spoke to a group of seniors in a science class at my school that 
studies the body. They’ve been studying the brain, and when I heard about 
that I asked the teacher if they’d studied a hemispherectomy. She said they 
were studying plasticity and I told her that that’s what happened to my 
brain, and she asked if I’d come speak to her class. I was very nervous at 
first but then I got comfortable there and I spoke about what happened to 
me, how I do things with one hand, and someone asked me if I have any
 challenges or things I can’t do. I said that I don’t have any because I
 figure out how to do things with one hand. They were shocked because I had a 
great attitude about everything that I talked about with them. Then they 
said, “You’re our new favorite freshman.” And I think I’ll be called that
 the rest of the year. So last night at the dance senior girls came and asked 
me to dance whenever I sat down.

A girl who’s been on my bus for the last 2 years who’s now a senior has
 never noticed me or said hi before. But after speaking in that class she
 said “hi” to me about 10 times. Once people learn more about you, they see 
you differently than they’ve seen you before. That makes me want to get to 
know people better that I’ve seen around the school before, but never knew.

Even though the dance was fun, I hated the strobe lights that they had there
 because standing in a room with it for 2.5 straight made my eyes hurt really
 bad. I kept being careful because I knew that strobe lights can activate
 seizures, so when I didn’t feel well I went outside the room and then went 
back in. Even when my mother picked me up, they still hurt and they kept 
hurting until I woke up this morning.

I’m really looking forward to going up to Ridgewood High School on Tuesday. 
I hope I meet some students that are reading the blog.

This picture is me doing e-stim while I was doing this blog. It’s supposed 
to activate the muscles in my arm.

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