Today and the Weekend

By: Talia

Today, I went to my school. I go to the Forum School. I’m in 6th Grade. My teacher’s name is Linda Russo. I like her very much.

Today in school I did Math, Reading, Spelling, Writing and Gym/PE.  Gym was the most fun because we learned a dance for the Halloween party.  The Halloween party is on Friday. I’m dressing up as a Flapper from the 1920s.  My grandfather was born in 1919 and grandmother was born in 1924, but I think that they were too young to be flappers.

This weekend I went hiking at Ramapo Valley County Reservation with Joey (my annoying brother), Caroline (my tomboy sister), my mom , my dad and my dog Bo.  We climbed up the mountain and down to the waterfall.  My dog took a swim. My brother, Joey was lost with his friend, Murat for about an hour. Joey was okay.  He just forgot to tell us that he was going up another hill with his friend.  My mother got worried, but then Caroline had an idea — why not have Bo find Joey?  So Bo sniffed the ground and took my mother and Caroline all over the place, but not to where Joey was.  Finally they could hear Joey’s voice and they found him.  I guess Bo isn’t much of a search and rescue hound.

After the hike, I went Pumpkin Picking at a farm in Franklin Lakes. I decided to go with the small pumpkin because I love to dress up my pumpkin.  I’m going to dress up my pumpkin as a monster.

Some other things I did this weekend was ballet and then I went to an acting class in New York City.  It was awesome!

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