By: Byron

Over the week-end I had a lot of things happen. I had an x-ray done because I’ve been getting out of breathe a lot and one on my foot because a kid stepped on me with cleats. Then it snowed in DC, and that’s unusual before Halloween.

I went paint balling, which was a lot of fun even though when I was running from one barrier to another I slipped in the mud from all the snow and smashed into the barrier, and I sat out the rest of the games because I hurt my foot when I fell. There were nine of us that went, and the field we played the majority of the games on was way too big for 9 of us. Actually, it was in the woods, so we had a hard time finding everybody. During one of the games in the woods, a bunch of my team mates had been shot and gotten out because they went ahead, but I was moving very slowly because I didn’t want to get shot and get out. And when the other team thought that everyone else was out on my team, I was still up there and moving very slowing so that I was sure not to get out. And then I saw one of my friends on the other team walking, and I stuck my gun through the trees, and I actually got him out, and when the game ended, he said that someone shot him in the hand, and I think that was me.  It was really cold because the day before it had snowed and there was still snow on the ground. By the time that it was over, you could barely see blue on my jeans anymore because of all the mud, and my shoes were brown from the mud and my feet were frozen. It felt good to get back in the car because there was heat.

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