Catching Up

Post: Catching Up

Hey guys!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. Things just got way too crazy. :( The semester ended well *(2 A’s and 2 A-‘s) and break was alright. Too short. I was stressing the first week because of my internship. Overall my placement is okay but some aspects of it are quite difficult to deal with.  Here is an overview of my semester as a whole:

  • • I LOVE my room!
  • • Most of the students in my classes are nice
  • • Most of my professors care about more than just grades
  • • I got sick twice, including an ER and speciality clinic visit at Mott
  • • I have eaten in the dining hall and met some people
  • • I went to a few christian club meetings and one of the guys offered to walk me to and from the meetings since they’re at night and I don’t like going around in the dark
  • • I’ve had to deal with people that cause me a lot of stress
  • • Developed a major obsession for chai lattes!!!
  • • I explored central campus a little and ventured to the following places
    • ◦ CVS
    • ◦ Starbucks (2 different ones haha)
    • ◦ Espresso Royale
    • ◦ 5 guys hamburgers and fries
    • ◦ Ann Arbor Brewing Company
    • ◦ Seva (another restaurant)
    • ◦ Pinball Pete’s just to check it out
    • ◦ The UgLi or Undergraduate Library
    • ◦ The Michigan League
    • ◦ East and South Quads


Wow, it doesn’t feel like I did that much until I start listing the places. Cool!  Hopefully I can do more when it gets warmer out. I’m sitting in a cafe connected to my dorm in “the union” typing this on my iPad drinking a chai latte. Here’s to a good semester!

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