My Wheelchair Broke!

The antibiotic the ER prescribed isn’t working. L  We ended up going to see the Pediatric Home Ventilator Team out at the hospital.  We had to take a lot of my equipment (ventilator, cough assist) in case they wanted to make adjustments in the settings.  This may not sound like a lot, but the cough assist is one big machine!  And, I forgot to mention in my last post that my wheelchair is broken!  The batteries are dying.  So my mom had to push me into the clinic with one of the hospital manual chairs.  It was so big haha!  She had to maneuver that and roll/carry a big suitcase of equipment while making sure I was okay.  Oh the things she does for me! J  The docs in the clinic agreed that I needed a different antibiotic and also prescribed a steroid.  I think before they actually saw me there was a possibility they were going to admit me to the hospital.  But, they figured we would try the new meds and see what happened.  I am pretty sick, but don’t look sick to the untrained eye.  Does that make sense??  But, if you listen to my chest it sounds horrible.  Blahh. I don’t like being sick!!!

After we left the clinic we went and got one of my powerchairs back.  Its not fixed; they need to order new batteries.  It works, I just have to be careful and watch the battery level while out and about.

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