Reply to Ridge Student Letters!

By: Jonah

Reply to Ridge Student Letters!
“Sup”. My dad taught me how to say whats up this weekend.  I think it’s a cool way to say hi!

I say “Sup”.
My mom showed me all the nice letters you wrote.  She was crying reading them because she was so happy. I don’t really have any friends other then my family.  Since it’s hard for people to understand my talking, they don’t usually want to play with me outside of school.
I saw on tv that there was a really bad storm where you live.  I live in Ohio.  It was just very windy here.  I hope you and your families are all ok!
I’m going to try to answer some of your questions.  I have sooooo many apps I love to play on the iPad.  I love anything that helps me learn.

Favorite apps- Toca Boca apps especially Toca Band, angry birds, race car games, My PlayHome, Dogs2,  and MyHorse.  I’ve never played Minecraft.

Favorite color- changes every day
Favorite food- spaghetti and meatballs and I like Arby’s
Favorite meal-going out for breakfast!
Favorite candy- M&Ms
Favorite sport- I am in track, gymnastics, and bowling with the special olympics
I also like watching Michigan football with my dad. I yell at the tv sometimes and say “come on”.
Favorite animal- dog!
Birthday- June 25 it’s close to Zach’a June 18
Favorite shows- Spongebob(Jellyfish jam-favorite episode I like Patrick too-my dad does a good Patrick voice) and I like Robots and Monsters show
Favorite thing to do with my brother and sister- play outside and ride bikes
Favorite song- Wonderwall by Oasis and Lost in  My Mind by Head & the Heart
I also like a song on YouTube called Gummy Bear!
I LOVE school and Kindergarten so much!
Thank you for all your letters and pictures.  You all have nice handwriting.  I like the pictures Brett, Colin, sib, Joe B, Aditya, Rowan, and Jack made.
Pictures I made with Toca Tailor app
Picture with Toca Hair Salon
Toca Robots

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