Taking Medicine

By: Jonah

My body doesn’t make the stuff that makes you grow, so  I get a shot in my leg every night of a medicine called growth hormone.  It also helps make my muscles a little stronger. I’m usually not scared and help my mom with it.   I count to 12 so all the medicine goes into the muscle in my leg.  Sometimes I’m scared, but my mom reminds me that she loves me and that she’ll always protect me.   Now I tell my sister “it’s ok Farrah” and hold her hand when she gets a shot.  She doesn’t cry anymore. I like helping her be brave too.  I love her very much.
This medicine makes me eat a lot!  The other night, I ate 2 big bowls of spaghetti, bread, a yogurt, and a cookie.  On bowling nights, I can eat a whole footlong!
Next time you have to get a shot, remember that it will be over before you know it.  Try to be strong and brave like me.  You will be so proud  when it’s over!  You are much braver than you may think!

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