Sidy from Camp Bernie

By: Talia

Today I went to school. At school I had math, reading, scholastics news, Science: bats, Social Studies: Georgia  and Choir. After school, I went to New York City.  In New York City I dropped off Caroline at The Children’s Acting Academy. After we went for dinner at a restaurant called Aroma.  In Aroma, I ran into  Sidy from Camp Bernie. Sidy is from Africa and was a counselor at Camp Bernie where I went with my school this past summer. Cidy is now working at Aroma before going off to college.  He is really cool and it was fun running into him.

I’m going to Urban Outfitters near Caroline’s Godspell. (that is the musical she is doing) later.  Then tonight I’m going to get a certificate at the Ridgewood Town Hall for being in the Access Ridgewood Fashion Show and performance of  Seussical.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!

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