NYC & Honor Roll

By: Byron

The last month has been really busy. I’ve had exams, I’ve gone to New York City, I’ve gone to upstate New York, and I’ve started back at school.

Over Christmas I went to New York City. My family stayed in Times Square for a couple of days, and then on Christmas day we headed up to upstate New York where my stepdad’s parents live. We were there for three days, and then we drove back to DC where I spent the rest of my vacation. For New Year’s Eve it was a pretty relaxed night. My family and I first started by going to dinner, then we went to a French movie which I personally disliked because I hate reading the subtitles, so usually I’m lost in the movie. I don’t know what’s going on because it’s hard for my eyes to track the subtitles that are going too fast for my eyes to read. I get halfway through the line and it changes, so I only get half of each line. My mom tells me to just watch the story and figure out what’s going on, but it’s kind of hard when there’s big, yellow, bold letters at the bottom of the screen that pop out. They’re distracting so I’m usually reading it and not watching the picture and then I miss the story.

But after the movie we went home and my sister tried to get me to watch a 5-hour long movie, Pride and Prejudice, but I only lasted through about five minutes of it, so I went off an did my own thing until I could get on the tv to watch the ball drop at midnight.

I got my midterm grades back. I did preNYtty well in most of them, and I made honor roll! I was quite surprised because I haven’t made it since 7th grade. This is my story of how I figured out I’d made it. I walked into math class, and on the wall there was sheet of paper of who made honor roll. I haven’t looked at it this whole year because I knew I probably wouldn’t make it. My friend was looking at it and he said, “Byron, look. You made honor roll.” I said, “No I didn’t,” because I thought I got a C in one class.  And he said, “Ya, come here and look.” I walked over and surprisingly I saw my name on it. He said, “The two of us made it.”


That’s all for right now.

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